Friday, July 17, 2009

The Dunn Girls

Meet Stephanie and her beautiful girls. Stephanie and I have been friends a long time but about a year ago really started to get together with our wild girls. This particular shoot we were at Ault Park, which Stephanie and her husband John drove 35 minutes to check out:)

Meet Scarlett

We could only get a fake smile from her once we put her in the tree, she was a little scared

She was a little weirded out about the grass but the picture turned out pretty good I thought
and ~Alli~

she doesn't like it when Stephanie walks away and I get too close:)

Check out those gorgeous eyes!

Here are Madilyn, Scarlett and Fiona, who kept grabbing Scarlett around the neck and freaking her out

Zakiya and Jeff

Zakiya is a co-worker to my friend Susan and she had seen Susan's maternity photos and decided to have me shoot hers as well. Zakiya, her husband Jeff, and I met at Ault Park, just before it rained and snapped as many shots as ideas we could come up with.
I love the look on Jeff's face in this one.


This shot was so fun to take and I got alot of serious ones but this is my favorite

She has the tiniest belly and perfectly round:)

I have been wanting to do a shot like this, I think they thought I was crazy having her climb through weeds to get it, but it is my FAV!

Thanks to Zakiya and Jeff!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Kendall

Meet Kendall Jean she is one of the cutest baby girls I have ever seen!
(next to my two girls of course;)

Little feet are my favorite

Look at this precious smile she has

Kendall is the product of Susan and Roger from my prior maternity post. I was fortunate to be at the hospital and got some great pics for them and then I got to visit and take these photos about a week after she was born. She is such a snuggly little thing:)