Thursday, June 23, 2011

For the Dunn Family:)

Zach and Sarah asked me to post some more pictures from their wedding so that their family back home could see more without waiting until they make it back to Kentucky from Georgia, so here they are! Congrats again guys!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Like her Momma said, the world became a more beautiful place the day this baby girl was born:) Meet Gracie, sister of Phin who has had his preciousness on the blog before.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Hartung Kids!

I am so excited to introduce J.R., Jenna, and the newest edition to the Hartung family Jiliana! Jenna is one of Maddi's best friends and I met her mom a couple years ago, she is by far the sweetest person:) What is super cool is all of our kids are the same ages so they will all be in the same schools and grades growing up. Look at these little blonde headed beauties:)

Here is Jiliana, such a sweet little blessing to this family.

My favorite! Julianne had the cutest little blue lace outfit for Jiliana to wear.

Here is Jenna the oldest.

and J.R. the middle guy.