Saturday, September 24, 2011


Meet the newest edition to my neighborhood, Josie! I met her Mom and Dad(Chris and Amy) when we moved into our house. They had two boys and we had two girls, then we were pregnant at the same time with our third babies. Amy and Chris have way more patience than I and decided to wait to find out what the sex of their baby would be. When I found out I was having another girl I think Amy couldn't help but think the baby she was carrying would be another boy. To all of our surprise it was a precious little baby girl:) Now Vaeda will have a buddy to play with just next door!

I love this one!

Happy Birthday Josie!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Amanda and Ronnie. They will be married in Virginia but opted to have engagement photos taken here in their home town. I had to start out with this first shot which I am obsessed with!

Thanks guys hope they are all that you hoped for:)
So excited about these! This is Stephanie, one of my very favorite Stephanies in the world! I say that because I have like 5 Stephanie's in my life. Although all of them are amazing this one here is remarkable! Her kindness, patience, and all around sweetness are something to be admired. She has made my life better just by being my friend. I am so excited to be there for the birth of her third girl this October. I am sure Lyla will be just as beautiful as Scarlett and Alli. Steph I love you and thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. I hope these pictures capture this magical time in your life:)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beth and Zac Engagement Photos

Beth and Zac are getting married!!

This is their first baby...Lucy:)

and Harley, who was such a good boy the entire time.

Seriously, it was the hottest day EVER!!!

My favorite:)

Can't wait to shoot your wedding guys:)

The Freeman's

Meet the Freeman's:)

Lilian is absolutely the sweetest, most calm little girl I have photographed yet.

Check out her hair, I am so jealous!

This is her little sister Madison, she has a radiant smile.


What a handsome couple.

Thanks Freeman's for letting me capture this time in your lives!