Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rizzo Wedding!!

Beth and Zac had such a great day, full of surprises and happiness. These two are so good together. I had such a great time photographing your wedding you guys!
We started at Susan's Salon in Alexandria.

The flower girls:)

It is important to warn everyone that Zac and Beth have the most amazing eyes....ever!

This dress was a little bit of a challenge to get laced up, this is her Mom and sister working at it.


Beth you look so pretty here.

The Sigmon Family minus one little guy named Drake.

One of the Best Moms ever:)

I can't ever resist a picture of Tristan.

Here is baby Drake.

Waiting for his bride

Seriously, he looked at her like this the whole night! Absolute Love:)

Mr. and Mrs. Rizzo!!

you are too cute!

Sharri and Tristan...also one of the BEST Moms ever, love you Sharri!

Coolest Mother/Son dance to Sweet Child of Mine.

Oh my gosh this was great!! Zac did this little dance, you would think he is a stripper! I kid, I kid:)

Yep they are twins:)

Zac's Dad breaking it down to the hokey pokey!

Love you guys and thanks for having me be a part of your day!