Saturday, November 23, 2013

{Family} The Claus'

Alright so meet the family I grew up with. Stephanie and I were best friends through middle school and then went our separate ways but she and her family always held a place in my heart. I spent so much time at her house and I have some of the best memories with her. I am so glad we finally worked this out so I can capture them for their Mom, she is just the sweetest lady. It's so awesome to see Nikki with her kids and Stephanie with her precious little girl, and seriously I haven't seen Stevie in probably more than 15 years! Thanks again for making this work Nikki!

 Seriously it was bitterly cold today and somehow this baby just went with the flow and just look how gorgeous she is!

Hope these were what you had in mind!

The Coram's {Family}

So you remember my bestest right?! Well here is the first official picture of the family of 4!!

 and now let's get to really what all of their lives are revolving around right now...Carmella...she melts me, I love her so:)

 Had to have a first Christmas photo!

 I know Danielle is going to cherish this photo. Tristan waited far too long for a sibling.
 and finally a proud loving Daddy photo
Love you guys! Thanks for coming to visit us!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{Family} The Freeman's

The Freeman's are back! I love, love , love this family. I have had the pleasure to photograph their growth and it has been so much fun!

 Here are the littles! Lilian, Anna, and Madison. These girls melt my heart I swear, such different personalities keeps me on my toes while shooting.

 Umm seriously?! Misty you look gorgeous here!
Can't wait to see you guys again next year!

{Family}The Khourie's

So this is my cousin Bobby and his family. We have been talking about doing this session for quite some time and finally our schedules linked up and they happened to be visiting from Columbus. Ruthie is such a gorgeous mother and clearly the kids get their looks from her ;) I kid, I kid

 This is Nathan and Olivia. I think our family was on a similar schedules because these two are the same ages as Fiona and Vaeda.

Hope this look was what you had in mind Ruthie, thanks for having me capture this fun time with your little ones! xox

Friday, November 8, 2013

Keagan is 1!!

I have had the pleasure of photographing this sweet baby for an entire year and this is my favorite shoot yet! It rained the entire time but somehow we managed to be outside the majority of the shoot.

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!