Monday, December 28, 2009

Scarlett and Alli

And so I forgot to put these up before my last post so here are the Dunn girls again!

So this was a shoot for the Dunn family Christmas card and we had a challenging day! Alli got a little upset early on in the day so we had to wait for a little bit of a better mood and what to cure a bad mood but skyline chili:) After lunch she was ready to go but it was a little difficult to get them both together. Scarlett of course was a natural and loved that we put her behind the gates to play in the fake snow.

From here on out:)

Ok so I am really just getting the hang of this blogging thing and seriously just realizing that I am supposed to blog way more:) So I will now have updates on this blog about my life and photography. I am on winter break from school, which is well deserved and I have been trying to relax but if you know me thats not really possible. So we had Christmas at our new house this year and things of course didn't go as planned but it was so great to see our girls faces on Christmas day when they got their gifts from santa. We made sure to remember what Christmas is all about by attending the Awaited show at our church and throughout the show got to hear Fiona say baby Jesus a million times. All in all, a great holiday but looking forward to the new year! Here is a couple of pictures from Christmas of the girls...until tomorrow;)
Maddi wanted Fancy Nancy
and Fiona wanted Strwberry Shortcake!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here she is, the perfect little baby I have had on here since she was in the womb! Gotta love this face:)
Ending with my FAVORITE!