Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet the Mahorney Family. I met this family through Caitlyn Mayes and I must say they are wonderful! Every part of this family beams with love:)

Here they are the foundation of this family, Mr. and Mrs.

and the rest of the families

Well hello Mr. Charlie:)I just love this face!

Grandma and Grandbaby


Great Grandparents with their first Great Grandchild

This is hilarious they weren't even his:)

Hope to see all of these wonderful couples make it to 50 years!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Jacob Family

So meet the Jacob's. God bless Beth for having 4 boys and being the only woman in the house;)

Such a nice looking family huh?!

Dad and Mom

I have been wanting to do a shadow shot for a while

Thank you Jacob family:)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Matt,Sara, and Nolan

Meet Nolan!!! I swear he is the cutest little baby. I am friends with his parents Sara and Matt. I know them through Sara's sister Jennie. Jennie and I met 5 years ago when we started art school together and we immediately were great friends.

Apparently Nolan is not a fan of tummy time but we had to try and this shot was the closest we got to him pulling his head up:)

baby feets

check out those eyelashes!

and here they are the Jasper's

I love this picture

and we had to get the doggies in here

mommy and baby love

I am sure someone is going to notice, I LOVE old baby cradles and if I can get them outside then thats even better

and lastly my VERY Favorite of all, hope you like them Matt and Sara:)