Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My little Fi is 4!!

I could seriously cry through this whole post! My little Fi is 4 and going on 29. She asked for two things for her 4th birthday- to get her ears pierced and to have a rainbow/ice cream birthday party:) We started with the ear piercing, here is a snap shot from Claire's.

Here is a video of the event:)

She had a pinata and it was hysterical to watch all those kids hit it and the adults try to keep them from hitting everything else. We had the whole party inside because it rained ALL day.

This cake was nothing special just extra cake mix from the cupcakes that I iced for her.

Not the picture I wanted but things were a little crazy. These are rainbow ice cream cupcakes for all of the kids.

Check out the hat she had to have:)

Then the silly string got broken out.

Oh and she got some money which made her very happy.

and then her and Michael passed out. Look how precious they are!

Happy Birthday my sweet Fiona. I love you and your fiesty little personality, you bring so much joy to our lives!

Big Families make me HAPPY!!

This is by far my most favorite family EVER!! I mean how many families does someone meet that make you feel like you have known every single one of them forever?!

The Grand-babies:)

Sister and Brother

Oh this little guy has the most amazing eyes! and he was so sweet!

This was one of the shots they requested, hopefully it is what they envisioned.

Dad and Mom

I will throw Megan's name out here because she is the one that originally contacted me. I feel like I had known her forever!! Oh and her husband Erik:)

These two were too cute

Oh yea stylin!!

Have to end it with the little buddies, hope all of you like the pictures I have done so far:)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reese Session Continued:)

So we had a little redo of the session with Reese because the first one my children were there and lets just say they were not the calmest 8 and 3 year old:) I am way happier with this round of pictures hopefully Sara and Scott like them as well!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Evan 7months and Kendall almost 2 years!

Seriously I freaking love these two little faces!!!

What a big boy!

Baby Reese

Meet Reese! She is the newest addition to Sara and Scott's family and she is absolutely precious!

This is Scott holding Fiona(the big baby) and Maddi holding Reese:) Scott has been one of my husband's best friends since he was little.

Proud Grandma Martin

Congrats she is gorgeous!!!