Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Bethlehem Night

Welcome to where it all began. I was invited by Bonnie Kees to photograph one of the most amazing events I have been to called, A Bethlehem Night. My expectations were exceeded beyond belief. Next year I will be telling everyone about this event in hopes that their lives can be enlightened and enriched by the story of Jesus.

Throughout the exhibit there were small booths set up to explain and show how lives were led around the time of Jesus' birth.

Mary and Joseph walked around explaining the conception of baby Jesus.

As I followed through a tour the angels came out of hiding.

The tour led to the nativity with Mary, Joseph, and the newborn Jesus.

Thank you so much for contacting me to be a part of this night Bonnie. I hope these pictures were what you were hoping for. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Anna Maria

Meet Anna Maria she is such a happy little girl. We started at the Krohn Conservatory and then headed to Eden Park for just a couple of shots in the snow.

Hello pretty walk way

Absolutely precious!

I think this was right after she performed a little dance, she was too cute!


The Krift Family

I am so excited to introduce you to one of my oldest friends Bret and his wife Allison and their precious new addition Madison. I have known Bret since we were I would say 12 and it is so exciting to see him so happy and with such a beautiful little family. I spent the day in Lexington visiting and taking pictures and it was so nice to catch up with Brett and get to know Allison and Madison. Thank you guys for having me down to document your adorable little family:)


Longest baby feet I have seen!

Not a whole lot you can do with a baby for Christmas photos but I thought we thought of something pretty cute ;)

Goodness I love this photo so much!

Thank you Krift family can't wait to see little Madison again:)

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Jasper's

Really this post is all about this precious little dude Nolan but I guess I would have to put some pictures up of Sara and Matt as well seeing as though they brought him into the world :)

Mommy and baby

This is an ornament made for Sara and Matt when Sara was pregnant

I love this lovey look Matt is giving Nolan

and seriously he is sooooo freaking precious!

Apparently this is his future playgirl pose

baby reindeer

the only snow we could find

The dogs were a little difficult to get together so this I believe is Kody sitting pretty

Merry Christmas Jasper's!