Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Knox is almost here!!

This is Sarah. 
She is: sweet, kind, smart, crafty, beautiful, wonderful mom, follower of God.
Sarah is due with Knox in the next couple of weeks and we are hoping the little man lets me make it there for his entrance into the world. 
He will be welcomed into this world with two amazingly adorable older siblings, Layne and Grayson.

 Yea, she made this joke!

 Seriously how cute are these two?!

 Sarah you look amazing in this one!

 Gray: sweet, adventurous, pleasing, adorable

 Layne: Beautiful, kind, relaxed, smart

 This will be such a great timewarp when they are older. We will need one with Knox when he gets here.

Could she be any prettier?!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Charville Twins are 6 Months!!

 Check out how much these little guys have grown! Cooper the younger brother is the bigger one with blonde fuzzy hair and Leighton is the older one with the brown hair. I have to say photographing twins is no easy task! I think it was a million degrees outside as well, not to mention we were trying our best to get these pictures done in between thunderstorms! All in all they turned out pretty good and the babies were in great moods :)



 Precious little guy

Check out his eyes!

Happy 6 Months boys!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hendrix Kids

 I am so excited to introduce Jack, Josie, and Brooks! These three are our neighbors and my girls absolutely love them, and so do we of course:) 





Our other neighbor Frances bought Josie this awesome even had sparkly converse style shoes!

 Seriously how cute are these boys?!

 Beautiful little Josie

 This baby has the BEST legs ever!

When I picture Jack and Brooks these are the faces I picture:)

 Amy and Chris you make some cute kids!

I am so happy to have moved next door to such great neighbors. I can't wait to see our kids grow up together.