Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Meet Stanley, our new puppy!! Fiona calls him Stan the man:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Wilson Family

Meet the Wilson Family!! This was a HOT day but everyone held it together and we made it through portraits of EVERYONE!!:) Truely they were one of the nicest families I have worked with, hope everyone likes these!

Eryc, Evelyn, Rodrigo Sr., Rodrigo Jr., Leah and London

with their girls

Evelyn and Eryc

Rodrigo and Evelyn


Twin Sisters, Leah and London

The guys

Oh my I hope I get this right...London:)

Dad and his girls

All the cousins

Oh Lord, Leah I hope:)

the two sisters and their brother

Paul and Shannon

Kertrice and Thomas

little Preston
Kertrice is actually the one who put all of this together and I think she picked the perfect colors for their photos. Here she is with her cute little family:)

Kertrice and her boys

Preston and his big brother Juwan

love this one

Thank you Wilson family for enduring the heat and allowing me to photograph this point in your lives:)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Joe, Danielle, and Tristan

So finally they make the blog! Meet my very best friend in the whole world, Danielle and her family Joe and Tristan. Danielle and I have been friends since we were born, our mom's were best friends and if all goes well our kids will marry and officially make us family! (not that we need the official status:)

love this one

Tristan is my favorite little guy i the whole world!


Love you guys! Hope you like them:)

Fiona and Madilyn

Alright so here they are, my beautiful little girls:)

This is Fiona(taken on a point and shoot)

and this is my gorgeous Madilyn

love this one

ok so here they are, the most amazing eyes in the world! Oh and yes I made those thank you very much;)

she was waiting for fishies

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Mayes'

The Mayes' contacted me not too long ago about taking some pictures of their adorable son Charlie and while I was there we got a few of the family as well.
On our way out to start the shoot was this perfect little kitten in a boot on the porch. Caitlyn's mom kept trying to get me to take on home but I knew Michael would not agree:)

Charlie really liked the kitty

Happiest Baby EVER!!!

Love this one

Mama and Baby

and here are the Mayes...Caitlyn, Jon and Charlie

such a happy little family:)

and here is their old dog, I believe her name is Gracie, but don't quote me on that;)

This is Caitlyn's brother, and I didn't catch his name but this dog sure did love him.

Thanks to the Mayes for getting me out to Mentor for this shoot. Charlie was so much fun and I hope I get to see him when he turns one:)