Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Mayes'

The Mayes' contacted me not too long ago about taking some pictures of their adorable son Charlie and while I was there we got a few of the family as well.
On our way out to start the shoot was this perfect little kitten in a boot on the porch. Caitlyn's mom kept trying to get me to take on home but I knew Michael would not agree:)

Charlie really liked the kitty

Happiest Baby EVER!!!

Love this one

Mama and Baby

and here are the Mayes...Caitlyn, Jon and Charlie

such a happy little family:)

and here is their old dog, I believe her name is Gracie, but don't quote me on that;)

This is Caitlyn's brother, and I didn't catch his name but this dog sure did love him.

Thanks to the Mayes for getting me out to Mentor for this shoot. Charlie was so much fun and I hope I get to see him when he turns one:)

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