Saturday, November 23, 2013

{Family} The Claus'

Alright so meet the family I grew up with. Stephanie and I were best friends through middle school and then went our separate ways but she and her family always held a place in my heart. I spent so much time at her house and I have some of the best memories with her. I am so glad we finally worked this out so I can capture them for their Mom, she is just the sweetest lady. It's so awesome to see Nikki with her kids and Stephanie with her precious little girl, and seriously I haven't seen Stevie in probably more than 15 years! Thanks again for making this work Nikki!

 Seriously it was bitterly cold today and somehow this baby just went with the flow and just look how gorgeous she is!

Hope these were what you had in mind!

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  1. Hi Kristen, Wow, those pics are perfect in every way!! You did such a wonderful job, I can't wait to share with my mom and dad for Christmas. Thank you so much for toughing out the bitter cold and doing a great job at the same time!

    Talk to you soon for the CD! -Nikki