Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Jennings'

For the first time on my blog I would like to introduce The Jennings and of course you know the Wilcox's. I have to say that this is truly one of my most favorite families EVER!! Both David and Susan are two of my best friends and their mom and dad have been amazing to me and my family for what15 years or so. So here they are left to right: Roger, Evan, Susan, Pam, Kendall, Roger. Bob. and David.

Two of the BEST grandparents I know:)

Love you guys:)

The Wilcox Family

I swear these are some of the cutest kids in the world!


Look at her gazing at her big brother

Baby Evan, finally asleep

I am in love with this picture! Please someone take one of these for me and my kids:)

Pam's tree:)

This is a little collection of rocks under Pam's tree and I thought they stated what the entire session was:) Love you guys!

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