Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lyla Jean 11-05-11

At 4:59 Saturday morning I had the privilege of witnessing one badass woman give birth to a gorgeous baby girl. Stephanie is one of my best friends and I love her and her family so much. She asked me t be present at the birth of her third little girl and I couldn't have been more excited. She had an amazing team in place including a doula, a rockin midwife and an amazing husband....oh and little old me;) She took the pain as if it was something she had prepared her whole life for.
I was awaken at 2:30 a.m. to a text saying she was in labor and not to rush out of bed just yet because she just got out of the shower, so I laid back down and somewhere around 3:00 the next text said she was headed to the hospital. I hurried and got dressed and jumped in the car and headed to St.Elizabeth in Edgewood. When I saw her coming down the hall she looked beautiful as always and John's face was pure excitement. We got to the birthing center and it was like royalty had arrived! They rushed her right into the biggest, best room you can imagine already set up just for her(pays to know the nurses ;)

She wanted to labor in the tub so they set that up quickly because you could tell she was moving fast.

After Christy(midwife) checked her and said she was dilated to 8 things started to move a little quicker.

check out this gorgeous belly!

Christy was incredible and if your going to have a baby look her up!

After she got in the tub she practiced her breathing and seemed pretty relaxed. In fact she only yelled out maybe twice in pain.

John called her sisters to tell them to head on up because Lyla was coming quick.

I love this shot because he was so patient and his eyes were beaming with love the entire time, it was so cute.

Her doula did a great job of keeping her hydrated and wiping her forehead with wet wash clothes.

When she said her water broke in the tub Christy said it was time for her to get out. They laid a ton of blankets down on the ground and proceeded to get her out. John and I joked that he could just throw her over the side :)

Once she was out she felt most comfortable staying on the floor so that is where the baby was going to be born...on the floor!!! It was crazy cool!

At 4:59 a.m. Lyla Jean was born! She had dark hair(unlike her sisters who are blond) and Stephanie delivered without making a sound!

John cutting the cord.

Admiring their new baby girl

He got to hold her for a brief second and he was absolutely giddy.

Stephanie you look gorgeous here!

Happy Birthday to
Lyla Jean Dunn
9lbs3oz 22 inches

More pictures of Lyla to come!!


  1. Wow. Absolutely Amazing. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl and what a strong mother :)

  2. Awesome story and great pictures!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful story & pictures! Congratulations Stephanie & family.

  4. GO Mommy!!! Love the pics and story. Beautiful Mommy n Baby.. An a wonderful husband to help. Go Daddy!!