Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy 40th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs.Chinn!

 Happy to introduce the Chinn "kids" on the blog!!
I met Allyson(right) when my daughter started 3rd grade and since the beginning of this year Madilyn has never been happier in school. Everyday I hear something positive about Mrs.Jones. We will miss her tremendously when Madilyn moves on to 4th grade. Anyhow....for Teacher Appreciation Week Maddi and I thought a photo session would be a great gift for Allyson and what perfect timing because her parents are having their 40th wedding anniversary this month. Meet Allyson's younger siblings Melissa and Jason.

 This was Melissa's know they are peeking into the future here ;)

 Yep we added another Shelby aka Mr.Jones. Again another fantastic teacher, all I hear from neighbor's and other parents whos kids have had him is how fun he makes learning. Get this Allyson's mom is a teacher as well!

 It was Shelby's idea to be behind the tree ;)

 Oh yes and here is Melissa's sweet baby Taco.

 Love :)

 Hope your parents like the pictures!

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