Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chris and Amanda

So my cousin Amanda got married and it was quaint and everything perfect. Chris is perfect for her and I am so happy she has her sweet little family. This is her day.

 This is their adorable little girl Adison.

 My kids LOVE babies!

 Seriously I have the most gorgeous cousins.

Chris' sister officiated, and the wedding was held at one of Amanda's closest friends house.

 Yep Vaeda was doing this during the ceremony, not sure about what was going on here.
 This is our Aunt Mary and our other cousin Jen, they took care of Addi during the ceremony.
 Chris' Mom lives out of town and was just soaking up her short time with the baby.
 This is my Aunt Barb, Adison's grandma:)
So growing up Amanda's Dad worked as a baker at Schneider's Bakery in Uptown Westerville and they have the best desserts EVER! This cake was made there and it was awesome!

 and then they danced...
 and a little of this happened ;)
 Happy little family.

 This is my Uncle Tom and Aunt Beth on the left.
 Sweet Gram :)
 Chris' Family
 This is Amandas Dad's family(Uncle Paul)

 All of the girl cousins in our family...good looking crew eh?
Me, Kelly, the Bride, and Jen
 Fiona trying to give Adison kisses.
 The benefit of a small wedding is you get a picture with everyone. This is all of their friends.
 This was a friends idea:)

 A gift from Chris' sister

Wishing you the happiest of years to come! 
I love you guys!

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