Sunday, August 8, 2010

Remember the identical twin, adorable little guys Micah and Marcus? Well they are back and now they are 1! I just want to say that I absolutely love these little guys and they have the best mom!



They loved being outside in their diapers

I think Tabitha had to keep saying, "babies!babies!"

Love the little diapers that look like jeans

Hello little man:)

in the background is the biggest sweetest smile in the world! Tabitha your happiness is contagious:)
and on to the party...

Alli was there:)

I think this baby's name was Charlotte? not positive but she was super cute!

Tabitha's brother Dustin and I go way back. They must have a fabulous mother because he is also one of the nicest people.

This is the twin's brother

Birthday cake is no fun:)

Proud Mommy!

Tabitha congrats on making it through the first year. You are doing an amazing job and you are by far one of the greatest mother's I have ever seen! Love you!

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