Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elyse & Lyla

Introducing Lyla on the left and Elyse on the right:) I love these girls they have so much personality, they even picked their own outfits for the session. I am friends with their mom Stephanie and Lyla's dad is an old college friend of mine, Adrien. So excited to share these with you guys!

Look at this little thing, she is the spitting image of her dad!

Love this expression!

Elyse brought this fabulous hat!

I love capturing sisters when they are sweet to each other:)

Hello little Adrien.

I swear neither of them really look like their mom, poor Stephanie:)

Found this great green thingy magig

Here is Stephanie with her girls, I swear she looks like she has never even had a child! Thanks again for being amazing girls!


  1. adorable session.
    (now get a better blog host so i can appreciate the photos bigger than thumbnails!! ;) )

  2. Thanks Mel...working on the blog host any recommendations?

  3. all the professionals i know and follow use blu domain. :) (also annoying that you can't respond via email! i happened to check back wondering if you responded. you wont have to deal with that anymore either!!;) )