Monday, March 5, 2012

NKU Portfolio

 I wanted to write a post about my work done for NKU to get my Bachelor's of Art in Applied Photography. To begin, I took a class where we explored architecture and we photographed all around Northern's campus. These photos above and to the right are where I spent most of my life in college, the Art building.

This is the newest edition to NKU's campus titled, Griffin Hall. This is the best building to photograph as well as the hardest due to all of the awkward angles.

This is the Natural Science Center.

 Finally for the Applied Architecture class we were assigned to recreate an image from the archives at NKU, to be hung in the Student Union Center at NKU.

 In the same semester I did a series of places in Cold Spring, KY which just happened to be when the residents were experiencing a flood.


The next two images were asked to be hung in a show for the Child Advocacy Group in Covington, KY.

The following I took during an Applied Studio class. We learned everything about lighting. My favorite thing to photograph was food.

This was one of the many products we photographed.


NKU undergraduate in a nutshell, not mentioning my minor in English Literature but I don't have any pictures of that ;)

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