Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Best Friend is having a Bebe!

 Yep that's right my BFF is having her second long awaited baby this September and we all couldn't be more excited to meet her new baby girl. This shoot was done in Westerville, my home away from home. Every time I leave I am so sad to leave my family(that includes Danielle) I feel like I miss so much not living there. Anywho here she is looking more beautiful than ever!

 Look at that sweet smile on Joe's face! He is going to be such a great Dad to both Tristan and baby girl.

 Perfectly round belly :)
 Had to throw this one in of my girls because throughout the entire shoot Vaeda wanted her picture taken before we would leave each area.
 Seriously!!!! Your gorgeous Danielle!

 Yep I said something completely inappropriate to get this picture ;)
 My favorite!

 Next time we take one of these crazy pictures we will have another little girl. (and yes Maddi is out of focus)Poor Tristan is going to be in for it.
Danielle and Joe I love you guys and your little family you are creating and I am so excited to be there to meet that baby!!!

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  1. I love it! You do such a great job!