Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sam is 1!!

This little guy is so absolutely adorable and he just turned 1! You might think he looks familiar from his newborn pictures.

We started with a cupcake session.

 Oh this little man is going to melt tons of hearts!

Break for some sister loves.

 Youngest Reds Fan!
 Had some time for some family photos and this was my favorite.

 Big sister Charlotte
 Amanda and her girls..Lily and Charlotte
One final Family picture, love how Sam is checking out the grass here :)

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  1. The photo of the baby with the Reds ball cap and the Reds Stadium in the background is brilliant. And I LOVE the family photo with the bridge in the background. The waterfall steps is also beautiful!!! Great photo ideas. The family is adorable. Wonderful job! ~ Tara