Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 Generations

Ok so you remember this lovely little baby, Kendall right? Well she just turned one and her mommy who happens to be one of my best friends asked me to do some pictures for mother's day and Kendall's birthday.

Without further ado here is Grandma Pam, Mommy Susan, and Big Girl Kendall!

Pam has the most amazing landscaping that she works very hard at so all the shots were taken at her house.

And now for some Kendall and Mommy one on one.

Love their faces in this one

and lastly a couple of Kendall on her own

I have to say I absolutely love this family. Susan and I have been friends for like 14 years or so and her family has always made me feel so welcome. Thank you guys for letting me document these important moments in your life!

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