Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aunt Barb and Uncle Jeff's Wedding

So actually this will be the longest blog that I have ever posted, so be prepared:) Meet my Aunt Barb, she is absolutely amazing. She has overcome obstacles that you could never imagine and somehow she has found her way to Jeff, who clearly is the love of her life. I am so blessed with a wonderful family and luckily Aunt Barb trusted me to capture her wedding day. I hope you like them Aunt Barb I love you lots!

This is my Gram she is an amazing piano player, she played at my wedding as well

Peek a Boo:)

and yes these are my girls, the cutest flower girls in the world!

This is our Uncle Larry, the most considerate, fantastic person I know.


this is my adorable cousin Jen

the kiss

Oh yea!

Uncle Bill and Garret, I swear they look like they are campaigning:)

Mother and Daughter, I love these two

Three Generations

Aunt Barb, Cecilia, and Jeff

Jeff and his sisters

Wow that's a whole lotta Botts'

Uncle Tom, Aunt Barb, and Uncle Tim

This is my Uncle Dave, he freaking ROCKS!!!

My cousins Bobbie and Kelly

the cake was soooo delicious!

get him Aunt Barb!

awe sweet loves

I believe Fiona was saying "what the heck!?"

All of these next few are on here strictly due to Jen's reaction so keep close eye on Jen she is hysterical! and it shows on Kelly's face as well. Love you guys:)

This is Nathan and Fiona, Nathan is Bobbie's son and this picture takes me back to photos of when Bobbie and I were little.

Garret caught the garter, he is so handsom

This would be my super cute brother and my beautiful mom

and here is Gram with Maddi, I love this one

once again a whole lotta Botts'
Aunt Linda and Uncle Tom...so cute;)

Gram and Garret singing to eachother

Timothy and Gram

and finally a picture of me appears on this blog:)

Hope you enjoyed them!


  1. Kris, i really enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing them. You do a great job! Love Aunt Mary