Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Belated Mother's Day Carol!

So everyone knows the Dunn's and the Mayer's.  This is the first shoot of all of the grandkids together and we moved quickly and still rocked it! I think their grandmother will be very pleased.

This is Daulton the oldest of the kids. Daulton is the most polite and handsome kid I know.
 next we have Peyton, who seriously grew inches since I saw him last....legs for miles it seemed :)
 oh and precious, sweet little Scarlett. Oh how I love this little face.
 Beautiful Alli such a sensitive little thing.
 and the youngest of the crew, Lyla. She has a little fire behind her and yet is so affectionate. Vaeda and her always give big hugs!

 This expression is so Alli :)

 Goofy boys are the BEST!

 I know Carol will love this one! I am so excited about this image :)
Happy Belated Mother's Day Carol, sorry it took us so long to get these finished.

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