Sunday, October 7, 2012

Atticus and Dash

I am so excited to finally introduce Atticus and Dash to the blog! I met their Mom Stephanie, who is Stephanie 2 around my house because I seriously have 4 friends with the name Stephanie, at Woodfill Elementary when Madilyn was in 1st grade. Atticus and Maddi hit it off immediately and so did him and I. He is an extraordinary kid and he comes from a fabulous family ;) Stephanie quickly became one of my best friends, with the kindness, humor, and love  she shows my family. And then came the introduction to Dash, who is one of a kind. A super smart kid with the sweetest heart, he is so insightful about everything going on around him. They do have another amazing guy in the family named Kent. A fantastic husband and father, he completes a wonderfully unique family dynamic. I love you guys and I hope we captured this time in the boys lives...xoxo



 Atticus would turn his head when I turned my camera :)


This is so them!

Here are you and your boys Stephanie:)


  1. these are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!!! A year will not ever pass without you taking their pictures. Thank you. You are the BEST!!!
    I never thought anyone could get Atticus to smile so are talented beyond your years...