Sunday, October 21, 2012

Steve and Annie

Annie has been a lifesaver for me, more times than I can count. I adore her patience, honesty, loyalty, and love. She has been waiting for this day her entire life and she finally found the perfect guy that compliments her in every way. It was a laid back  day that was perfectly Annie :)

 The hair took a while but beauty takes time right ;)
 This is the face I think of when I think of Annie.

 Michelle got sleepy :)

 We ate lots of crap!

The Reds sucked majorly!

 Her flowers were gorgeous, especially in spite of ordering them that morning :) I told you she is laid back!

Finished product :)

They both decided to do a reveal before the ceremony, and the clock tower in Covington was a great spot.


 Annie's Mom dropped by


 What an adorable smile you have Steve!

 Seriously?! BEAUTIFUL!

 Almost everyone in this photo met at Brio!


My Favorites

Annie and her Dad

 The officiant was our friend Jess, she is fantastic!!

 Annie comes from a Persian background and they do a honey tasting ceremony, where the bride and groom feed each other honey.

Yep she is a Mrs!!!

 This is Chef Scott, we have all worked with him forever!! It was his one of his last nights.

 The lovely bride and I :)

 The one image requested by Annie! Hope your day was all you dreamed of! Love you guys!

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  1. this are beautiful photos kristan!! great job of capturing the love between these two!!