Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Charville Twins are 9 Months!

Yep these babies are growing super fast! You will remember the little guys from here. Now they are 9 months and crawling and so much easier to photograph:) 
Below is Leighton

and this is Cooper

These babies have the best eyes!

These two have their hands full and honestly they are like a well oiled machine and Karrie is just an exceptional mom, taking everything they do in stride. Dan isn't to bad himself ;)

My favorite!

So this family loves them some Mickey ;) and the plan was to get some pics for the front of their 1st B-day invite. Not sure if we nailed it but these few turned out super cute. Leighton was pretty much done at this point and Cooper just wanted to crawl!

Oh my goodness this smile is the BEST!

He needs kisses!!

Thanks guys can't wait to see this cuteness in 3 months!

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