Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jacob, Maddy, and Ben

Meet the Schuh kids....Maddy is friends with my Maddi and I swear she is the sweetest, most polite little girl I know and her brothers are just the same. I pretty much forced this shoot on their mom and I am so glad she made some time to let me snap a few photos of them. Thanks guys for being so easy to photograph!

 I tried to get each kid in a fairly serious pose and Maddy couldn't help but smile :)

Ben is the youngest and just has this precious little face that you want to squeeze.

This was Jacob's serious face and he nailed it for sure. Such a handsome kid.

This is Susie with her biggest accomplishments:) She is a fabulous mother, she has just the right amount of love and humor and has managed to raise some pretty great kids. Hope these pictures make you smile:)